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☆ I R I D E S C E N T ☆

Iridescent is a new brand that was founded in November of 2018.  We are a small, locally owned retail business in West Chester, Pennsylvania that strives to sell all the latest fashion trends.  From boujee to boho, Iridescent has all the looks for any occasion under the stars.  Mixing up looks for daytime outings and nighttime events will leave your friends hoping for those trendy, earthy and heavenly looks.  

Our favorite styles and colors give off the arid Arizona vibes while still adding that extra flare to switch it up.  We love outfits that can easily change from daytime to nighttime by adding an over the top shoe or jacket.  Iridescents' earthly vibe comes through our cool tones colors and neutrals and the heavenly side comes through the trendy fashion.  

Iridescent wants every single customer to shine brighter than the stars and moon by wearing outfits that make you glow.  As you stunningly wear each piece of apparel, you will shine beautifully and luminously making you iridescent.  We hope you enjoy our page and follow us on instragram  Please leave comments and give us feedback on how you're enjoying Iridescent's new fashion choices! 


Emma from ⭒ Iridescent Boutique ⭒

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